Emma Louise Pickering was born in Oxford in 1967. She studied Art and design there as well as exhibiting in major city galleries. In 2000 she moved to St.Ives, this was mainly due to a need to belong to a more vibrent art colony.

Her work embraces simple composition through an arrangement of lines, markings and shapes - this gives her work an 'identification' of its own - it speeks its own language. Her sculptural pieces have the same energy, simplistic in their form and composition. Her work now, is mainly influenced by truth of emotion, becomming more internal than external. The sharp contrasts of symbolic markings and shapes, representing life - become one.

The final piece is determined by whatever complex of emotions and thoughts stimulate her to work in a particular way, within any given moment. This creates depth, showing an essential orderliness throughout her work. Each medium is worked this way until a connection is made between the soul and the work - until it feels right. There has been a major influence of landscape within her work. More recently however, her work has become more simplistic aswell as more sculptural, moving further away from landscape in its abstact form and more towards caught moments of thoughts.

For more information please telephone 07870 470 220

My Dog at Ikea

I am really honoured to have my dog showcased at the Southampton Ikea store in 2019. He can be found in their home furnishings department.

Since my 20’s Ikea has been a big influence in my life and my art. Thank you for this incredible opportunity. You are amazing X